Sunday, July 9, 2017

The ups and downs of the hobby.

The past weekend was perfect for getting out to the field. The clubhouse was busy on Saturday and Sunday with members taking advantage of the glorious summer weather. On Sunday, we had a particularly eventful day, with some great models flying and a notable unfortunate event.  Bill A. finally got his excellently-built, fabric covered J-3 Piper Cub into the air- three times! The Cub's four-stroke sounded great, and it really embodied the spirit of the full-scale plane as it circled the field. Three flights and safely back in the hangar! That's a good day of flying.
Bill A. with his beautiful J-3 Cub.
Bill H. did not have the same fortune. His trim little biplane was on its fourth outing this Sunday, and had performed well until the dreaded gremlins intervened. On his last flight, the transmitter lost connection with the plane, and nothing could get it back to the field. Sadly, it ended up buried in a field, shattered to bits. The receiver battery was fully charged, and everything else appeared proper- perhaps the radio equipment had a flaw.  Equipment failure can happen, and if you are a model aviator you should be prepared for the risk when you put your plane up into the air, as Bill did. He'll be building another plane soon.
Bill's departed biplane.