Saturday, June 17, 2017


Pre-race prep in the pits.
It was a beautiful day for the second round of pylon racing at the Urbana RC Park. However, the steady wind made pylon turns a little tricky on the upwind turn. One plane unfortunately rolled over too far in a turn and plowed into the tall grass. (A bit of hot glue will fix that!)
The aim is to turn as close to the pylon as possible, without cutting around it.
Mike U. took first overall for the day with three first-place wins. For the full results of today's racing and the season points standing, click on: Racing Results

Mike's smiling for a reason...FIRST PLACE, BABY!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Association News

It was a busy Friday for the Flying Association: 
This morning, association officers Dick K. and Rob C. put on a model aircraft demonstration for the Summer Enrichment Academy at Bellefontaine High School. The students were able to see various types of model aircraft, learn about how they function, and see a flight demonstration. Afterward, they had a great time trying out the AMA balsa gliders Dick K. provided. The kids were knowledgeable about the principles of flight and keenly interested in how the models worked. Who knows, perhaps there are a few future pilots in the group?

Thanks for the wonderful thank-you card guys, and thank you to Kevin Penwell for inviting us back again this year.
The SEA students showing off their AMA gliders. (Faces hidden to protect privacy).
Later in the day, several members came out to the field to take advantage of the gorgeous weather. More photos from today's flying can be found on our photos page.
Todd P. helps a young pilot earn his wings.

Urbana RC Flying Assoc. club house

Urbana RC Flying Assoc. club house