Sunday, July 16, 2017

Pylon Crashing

For those that had "other" things to do on Saturday (Gary), you missed an exciting day of pylon racing: two closely contested races, two bad hand launches, and two spectacular crashes. Mike U. had a bogey launch on the first race, leaving Dave M.and Rob C. to mix it up for first. Rob took the first heat, only to flop his plane on the next hand launch. Mike won the second heat with Dave in second.
Rob tossed his untested Parkzone plane into the last heat with encouragement from the other racers. After all, it would have been less exciting with only two planes in the race. 
Dave and Rob were neck-and-neck for second behind Mike until the eighth lap, when Rob pushed his plane too hard and clipped the southern pylon with a loud SMACK!  The guys were having a great time and didn't want it to end just because one of the planes busted into several bits. Hot glue to the rescue! 
THREE STICKS of glue later, the planes took to the air again for a bonus round of racing. Unfortunately, the pylon impact had damaged the bond between the spar and the wing 
of Rob's Parkzone BF-109, causing the wing to flex unpredictably in the turns and...well, try flying an airplane where the wing twists!

It was a great day at the field, and we hope to see more members and spectators out to take part in the fun. The next race day is August 19th.

Click HERE for the season points standing.

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