Wednesday, July 17, 2019

PROPer Safety

 Working around moving propeller blades is a hazard that all model RC pilots must learn to safely deal with. Electric motor-driven props are especially hazardous because:

- An energized electrical system appears to be "off" and safe, when in fact it can swing a prop at full force in an instant. 

- An electric motor-driven prop will continuously strike objects in its path without stalling, unlike an internal combustion engine.  
Electric motor prop strikes can cause serious cuts, break finger bones, and even cut fingers off, so it's important to always be mindful of safe practices, which include:

- Removing the propeller if making adjustments to the electronics in close-quarters, such as in your home, or on a workbench at the flying field.

- Plugging-in the main battery at the flight line, away from bystanders, and unplugging the battery at the flight line immediately after a flight.

- Setting the receiver fail safe and verify that it is working properly.  This prohibits the motor from running uncontrolled if the transmitter is shut off before the model has been powered off.

- Using a throttle-cut switch on your transmitter to "disarm" the throttle stick, if your transmitter has that ability.

-For airplanes with 40-size nitro-equivalent motors and larger, we strongly encourage the use of an external electrical arming system. Click HERE for more information.

The Urbana Flying Association requests that all pilots using our field to please follow these safety practices.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Field Service

Hey Members! This is the height of the flying season, and the Association needs the membership to lend a hand in maintaining the field. Some things you can help with include:
- Field mowing
- Finishing the repairs to the clubhouse roof
- Trimming weeds around the clubhouse
- And anything else you can help with.
Thanks for your help!