Welcome to the Projects page, where we share what modeling projects our members are currently working on. 

Dave Marenberg's Winter Build Log:

11/13/17 - Dave has started using his new workshop for building planes. He recently purchased a steel welding table and covered it with a 60"x120"x1/4" steel top. Wow. That's a table worthy of a grand project.

In fact, Dave reports that he has begun building a Ziroli-designed, 1/4 scale Dauntless dive bomber. The wood kit is produced by National Balsa. 

Here he has started framing the fuselage on his new work table. It's going to be fun to see the progress of this project!


Dave has the fuselage partially framed up. It's taking shape quickly.

 Richard Kaczmarek's Build Log:

11/13/17- Dick has a good start on his Balsa USA 1/3 scale Boeing Stearman P-17 Kaydet. His will have ailerons on both the upper and lower wings. The fuselage and wings framed, and he has started to fit together the pieces. The Stearman has many separate pieces that have to be in near-perfect alignment to assure good handling characteristics, so the building is slow at this step of the project.

He has started setting the dihedral angles of the top and bottom wings. The cabane struts and wires are in place for the upper wing. The plane is almost too large for his work shop, with a ten-foot wingspan and 87" fuselage length.

Rob Crawford's Build Log:

11/13/17 - Rob's projects are on the smaller side of modeling. He's almost finished rebuilding a 1/2a Miss America that had seen better days. He replaced the oil-soaked, decades-old balsa with new wood and added a completely new nose onto the plane. To hide the electric motor, he made a dummy radial out of balsa and added scale-like cockpit windows.

He's also been working on a Stearman biplane printed by Dick K. Yes- that's 3-D printed out of PLA plastic...and it has 3 flights on it! It has a 48" wingspan. Rob is currently working on a second Stearman, to which he is adding scale details.
The model doesn't have a motor yet or the WWII stars on the sides and wings. He's dressing up the Stearman in post-1943 colors.

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Urbana RC Flying Assoc. club house