Sunday, August 21, 2016

Family Picnic and Westerville NASA Scale

Thank you to everyone that came out to share in the  good time today at the family picnic. The food was far better than burgers and dogs- especially the dishes brought by members. We were also honored by the presence of our friend from DCAMA, who came all the way out from Greenville to share in our celebration.
Mmmm. Pulled pork, slaw, beans, potato and pasta salad, fruit, chips and dip, cup cakes...there goes the diet.

The weather was beautiful- sunny, warm, but the wind wasn't exactly cooperating with our flight plans. The intermittent gusts were changing direction unpredictably, causing turbulence and tricky flying. HA! We didn't let that stop us- helicopters, nitro planes, and even an electric warbird took to the air. Of course, it wouldn't be an MRFA event without combat wings!

On Saturday, Dick, Bill, and Rob went out to the Westerville club at Alum Creek to see the planes at the NASA scale competition.There were some outstanding models at the event, Including a Jenny with an electric starter (NEAT!), a P-61 Black Widow, a beautiful shiny Beechcraft C-45, and a big P-38 Lightning.

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