Sunday, August 7, 2016

Dog Days of Summer

We did not have an official August club meeting due to lack of attendance. Why? Because of all the events happening at the close of the summer season: Nats, IRCHA, Champaign County Fair, the start of school next week, to name a few. We'll wait until the September meeting to discuss business.

In other association news, Mike Unger placed fifth among tough competitors in the AMA Nats Sportsman Helicopter competition. Read about it at:

A few of us found time to come out to the field to enjoy the beautiful weather and great flying this weekend. Here is some video shot by association Secretary Rob Crawford using his new Vivitar camera mounted on the landing gear of his Flyzone scale Cub. The view is looking backward at the tail wheel. Not too shabby for a $40 camera.
[If you are using iOS, then the Flash Video may not play on your device- click HERE instead.]

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