Thursday, December 22, 2016

What have you been up to?

Mad River members haven't gone into hobby hibernation since the end of the summer. During the cold, wet weather we move from the flying field to our work shops. Here's what some of our members have been up to lately:

Association President Dick K. has been busy with several projects in his workshop, including learning how to make parts with his new 3-D plastic printer. (You can get one of these printer kits for $185 shipped!) In the above picture, the printer is finishing the root sections of wings for a Spitfire.

The model prints in sections that glue together. Here are the sections of the Spitfire he had completed. He'll have a cool 38" wingspan electric model when he's done.
He's also printing formers and hatches for his giant scale Cessna 172h.
Association Secretary Rob C. is making the leap to building, including recovering a Balsa USA Stick 40, finishing a Great Planes Trainer 60 kit, and rebuilding a twin-engine Cermark BN-2 Islander.
Members- share  your winter project by sending pics to flyurbana. We'd love to see what you have been up to!