Friends of Flight

We ask all visiting members to present their Friends of Flight card and AMA card before flying.

 Friends of Flight  Mission Statement
  • To promote camaraderie between neighboring clubs and it’s memberships, by extending a “friendly” and “open” forum for participating members to fly at each others clubs while opening up the possibility for establishing new friendships within the R/C community.
  • To spread knowledge and awareness between all of the participating clubs as to the different aspects of the R/C sport. Example may be that one club may be heavy into electrics, while another may have Heli expertise, while still another club may have soaring experience. This would offer a chance for the passing of information and interests between the clubs and therefore expand the collective expertise within each club.
  • The opportunity to actively promote any and all events throughout the collective base of all of the participating clubs. This would at the very least, make a greater number of people aware of what club events were being held, and in turn theoretically make the events more successful.
  • While a side benefit, this program is not intended to produce an amount of money for any club’s treasury. It is merely an attempt to greet and meet your fellow R/C friends and further promote the “Friendly” aspect of the sport. By collectively projecting this image to any new perspective members, we will recruit and perpetuate this same attitude going forward.
History of Friends of Flight

Realizing the need to aid local clubs with participation in their event attendance and communication Dave Millner & Bob Vanghle created the idea of FOF or Friends of Flight. 

The first meeting in 2003 saw representatives from 5 clubs which resulted in 4 clubs that agreed to support the idea.   It was agreed no fee’s were needed from any club to participate in the program.

Each participating club will open their fields to other club visitors without the need of a host club member present.  This has worked very well since the inception of the program.  No club has experienced a higher volume of visitors than they would have previously, other than increased attendance at each other’s club events. 

Years past we have created 20 cards per club that visitors were required to display as a welcome guest.

The only financial commitment by any club is they agree to host one (1) FOF club picnic day, thus providing Burgers, Dog etc per year.  

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Urbana RC Flying Assoc. club house

Urbana RC Flying Assoc. club house